Dr. Swing orchestra

Let us take you into a time a few decades back. Into a time of small cafés and big dance halls, vibrant with an atmosphere of the exciting rhythms of the 30's and 40's - the golden era of swing. If you accept our invitation, we will try to approach you with the atmosphere of the jazz orchestras and their evegreens which despite the time in between haven´t lost anything of their dazzle.

The orchestra was founded in 1998. Its repertoire is formed mainly of pieces by czech authors, nevertheless it also includes american jazz. The programme includes not only instrumentals for listening but also for dancing. Therefore this orchestra has a wide array of engagement possibilites - from individual concerts to balls and various social events to dances. All this presented by young professional musicians who give this music new energy as well as their hearts.

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Dr. swing orchestra
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Dr. Swing - Frantisek Uhlik's orchestra with soloists

Contact: František Uhlík, Nerudova 695, 508 01 Hořice, Czech Republic, Tel.: +420 603 284217
E-mail: dr.swing@seznam.cz

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